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Section 1.2 Display of formulas

1.2.1 Display of formulas in the units

Formulas in the units are displayed using the MathJax library. This library offers two representation modes:

  • MathML: This mode represents the formula symbols as MathML tags suitable to the text.

  • HTML-CSS: In this mode, the formula symbols are included as pictures. This representation is more optically pleasant, but display of the formulas in the browser is slower. We recommend this representation, especially if your browser's MathML support is not adequate. This is the case especially in old browser versions.
You can configure the representation of formulas by right-clicking a formula and selecting the items Settings and Math Renderer in teh MathJax menu that opens.

Our online units assume an active internet connection. Missing formula symbols on unit pages indicate that your connection was interrupted or that your browser prevents the loading of the symbols. In this case, proceed as described in the next section.

Suitable browsers

You can use the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.
We recommend using Firefox (from version 3.6).

Internet Explorer may prevent the loading of special formula elements,
in which case the use is prompted to permit loading of unsecure contents.

This message can be turned off in the security settings of the browser.

In case of technical difficulties and questions, please contact the staff.