Chapter 1 Elementary Arithmetic

Section 1.5 Final Test

1.5.1 Final Test Module 1

This is a test for submission:
  • Unlike open exercises, no hints for formulating mathematical expressions are provided.
  • The test can be restarted or interrupted at any time.
  • The test can be terminated and submitted using the buttons at the end of the page, or reset.
  • The test can be attempted several times. Only the last version will be included in the statistics.

Exercise 1.5.1
Check the box in each case to indicate whether the mathematical expressions are equations, inequalities, terms, or numbers (multiple checks are possible):
Mathematical expression Equation Inequality Term Number
1+ 1 2 -3(3- 1 2 )
5x - x5
x2 <x
b2 =4ac

Exercise 1.5.2
Simplify the compound fraction 3+ 3 2 1 12 + 1 4 to a reduced simple fraction:
For example, enter 11 12 as 11/12.

Exercise 1.5.3
Expand the following term completely and collect like terms:
(x-1)·(x+1)·(x-2) = .
For example, enter (x+1)(x+2) = x^2+3*x+2 or alternatively as x*x+3*x+2.

Exercise 1.5.4
Apply one of the binomial formulas to transform the term:
  1. (x-3)(x+3) = .
  2. (x-1 )2 = .
  3. (2x+4 )2 = .
For example, enter (x+1 )2 = x^2+2*x+1 or alternatively as x*x+2*x+1.

Exercise 1.5.5
Rewrite the following expression containing powers and roots as a simple power with a rational exponent:  
x3 (x)3 = .
For example, enter x· x2 = x^(5/2) or alternatively as x^(2.5),
mind the brackets around the fraction.

The test evaluation will be displayed here!