Chapter 2 Equations in one Variable

Section 2.3 Final Test

2.3.1 Final Test Module 2

This is a test for submission:
  • Unlike open exercises, no hints for formulating mathematical expressions are provided.
  • The test can be restarted or interrupted at any time.
  • The test can be terminated and submitted using the buttons at the end of the page, or reset.
  • The test can be attempted several times. Only the last version will be included in the statistics.

Exercise 2.3.1
Find an absolute value term describing the following graph of a function as simply as possible:

Graph of the function f(x).

Answer: f(x)=

Exercise 2.3.2
Solve the following equations:
  1. |2x-3|=8 has the solution set .
  2. |x-2|·x=0 has the solution set
Enter sets in the form { a;b;c; }. Enter the empty set as {}.

Exercise 2.3.3
A camera has a resolution of 6 megapixels, i.e. - for convenience - 6 million pixels and produces images in format 2:3. Which size has a quadratic pixel on a print-out of format (60 cm )×(40 cm )? Specify the side length of a pixel in millimetre.
    (without the unit mm).

Exercise 2.3.4
Find the solution set of the mixed equation |x-1|·(x+1)=3.
Answer: L =


The test evaluation will be displayed here!