Chapter 5 Geometry

Section 5.6 Trigonometric Functions: Sine, et cetera

5.6.4 Exercises

Exercise 5.6.9
What is the degree measure of the angle φ between the x-axis and the connecting line from the origin in the Cartesian coordinate system to the point Pφ =(-0.643;-0.766) on the unit circle? Use a calculator, but do not trust it blindly!
Result: φ =

Exercise 5.6.10
  1. Let a right triangle with the right angle at the vertex C and the sides b=2.53cm and c=3.88cm be given. Calculate the values of sin(α), sin(β), and a.
    • sin(α) =
    • sin(β) =
    • a =

  2. Calculate the area F of a triangle with the sides a=4m, c=60cm, and the angle β=(a,c)= 11π 36 .
    Result: F =
    Please, enter your result rounded to three decimal digits or as an expression. Enter the sine of an angle as sin(x) and the number π as pi.